Pinzgau pure breeding

Jochberger Hummeln

Pure breeding is exclusively used as a breeding method, meaning that since 1987 we have been breeding hornless cattle. Our herd is 95% hornless.

Calves stay with their mothers for 8 to 10 months. On average, the calves gain 1000 - 1300g in weight every day. We select some heifers and calves for own holding, while the rest are sold for breeding or for meat.

The mountain lifestyle

L ife as part of nature - our cattle spend the summer on our pastures in the Hohe Tauern National Park
A species-appropriate method of animal husbandry - calves brought up with their mothers, not sold until 9-12 months old
C hances are maximised - working with the natural cycle, organic farming
K eeping control of our meat maturation
E mploying traditional pure breeding with the genetically hornless Pinzgauer cattle
N atural animal husbandry - juicy, tasty meat with fewer fat deposits

Bauernhof Maishofen 18
Bauernhof Maishofen 36
Bauernhof Maishofen 15
Bauernhof Maishofen 16
Bauernhof Maishofen 28
Bauernhof Maishofen 29
Bauernhof Maishofen 34
Bauernhof Maishofen 13
Bauernhof Maishofen 37

Paradise for children

For the kids we have goats, sheep, ponies, cats and guinea pigs! Or how about a ride on our tractor?

Holidays in Maishofen

Our farm in Maishofen offers you the perfect base for a hiking or cross-country skiing holiday.

Our Alpine hut

How about a visit to our mountain hut in Fusch/Ferleiten, which you could round off with a trip to the Ferleiten Wildlife Park?

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