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Pinzgau pure breeding farm

Jochberger bumblebees

Only pure breeding is used as a breeding method, whereby breeding has been aimed at producing polledness since 1987. Our breeding is 95% hornless.
The young animals stay with the mother cow for 8 to 10 months. They gain an average of 1,000 - 1,300 g per day. Heifers and young animals are selected to maintain the own population, the other young animals are sold on for breeding and some go to meat marketing.

Of life in Innergebirg

L ife with nature - the animals spend summer on our alpine pasture in Hohe Tauern National Park
E thical husbandry - suckler cow husbandry, young cattle 9 - 12 months old
T aking opportunities - working in the cycle of nature, organic farm
C ontrolled meat ageing
A breeding farm with a rich tradition with genetically hornless Pinzgau cattle
N atural husbandry and feeding - juicy, tasty meat with little marbling

little children’s paradise

For the kids we have goats, sheep, ponies, cats and guinea pigs! Or how about riding along on the tractor for a turn?

Holidays in Maishofen

Our farm in Maishofen offers the perfect starting point for hikes or cross-country skiing tours.

our Alpine chalet

How about a visit to our Alpine chalet in Fusch/Ferleiten, which you can conclude with a visit to the Ferleiten animal park?

Products straight from the farm

For an active day’s holiday, breakfast features products straight from the farm: fresh eggs, jams, honey....

Familie Melanie und Oswald Dick
Saalfeldnerstraße 60
Maishofen 5751
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